Product/Service Launch Package


Sales Automation & Lead Generation

  • Traffic Generation
    Landing Page Optimization
    Funnel Development & Conversion Optimization
    Email Autoresponder CRM Set Up & Optimization
    Lead Capture Opt-in Form Implementation
    Complete Tracking & Analytics



  • Marketing Support
    • Sales Automation Strategy
      • Traffic generated via Facebook Ads (Client set up – We monitor)
      • Landing page optimization
      • Registration Form – email CRM integration
      • Self-liquidating OTO (one-time-offer). This is optional but can be included to recoup Ad spend.
      • Thank You page – We can further optimize the funnel with additional offers and social share/like incentives presented on the Thank You page. This helps increase customer spend per transaction as well as brand awareness.
    • Lead Generation
      • Email Autoresponder CRM Set up & Integration (Client will right the email series)
      • List Segmentation Development
        • List 1 – Potential clients (visitors who’ve completed the Challenge registration form)
        • List 2 – Leads (visitors who have not completed the Challenge registration form but have opted in to receive the free content)
      • Opt-in Form Development
      • Lead Magnet (opt-in giveaway) Graphic Design
  • Technical support
    • Setting up necessary tracking and analytics accounts
      • Facebook Business Manager
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Search Console
      • Google Tag Manager
    • Implementing/integrating tracking and analytics codes
      • Facebook Pixel – This allows us to let Facebook know and understand who your target audience is. Absolutely a must for further Facebook advertising and remarking/retargeting.
      • Facebook Conversion Tracking Codes – This allows us to analyze the performance of the funnel.
      • Google Analytics – This allows us to track and measure the overall performance of the website, as well as the individual pages.
      • Google Tags – This allows us to further track and measure the website/web page’s performance, as well as set tracking goals for deeper website performance.
  • Tracking and Measuring support – We will keep track of your conversion numbers throughout the campaign. You will know exactly what is happening at every stage.
    • Consistent monitoring of campaign performance
    • Facebook Ads performance
    • Landing Page performance
    • Registration Page performance
    • Thank You Page performance
    • Opt-in Forms performance
  • Further Considerations:
    • Video Ads
    • Video Landing Page
    • Video Opt-In Form
    • Video Welcome/Thank You Page